Show Love & Improve Your Health

There are many ways to improve health, but, most of the emphasis is on physical things, like diets, pills, supplements and exercise. We often forget just how important and powerful the mind is. By doing this, we are are missing out. Countless studies have shown how a happy, positive mind can have beneficial physiological responses, such as, regulated blood pressure, better sleep, and improved energy.

One great way to achieve a happier state of mind, and a healthier body, is to learn how to show love to those around you. By performing actions of love, you invest in a system of positive feedback. Not only will you feel better doing it, but those around you will feel better receiving it. This creates a more positive, supportive atmosphere that improves overall well being of everyone involved.  

So, how exactly does one "show" love?

 1. Words of Affirmation: Hearing affirmations from someone else makes us feel great. If it's a work colleague, tell them about something they do well. If it's your significant other, tell them you love them, and why. Unsolicited, positive feedback is a very powerful way to show someone you appreciate who they are.

2. Quality Time: Engaging with someone while you are doing something else, e.g., answering texts, surfing the web, or watching TV, does not count as quality time. You should set aside time each day, with absolutely no distractions, to talk with people. This will result in richer conversations that lead to a better feeling of engagement, understanding and respect.

3. Give Gifts: A gift is a fantastic way to show someone you are thinking of them - and it feels great when someone loves the gift you thoughtfully prepared. Gifts don't have to be expensive nor extravagant. It's better to give frequent, small gifts rather than sparse expensive gifts.

4. Acts of Service: If someone is snowed under with chores or a heavy workload, it will mean a lot to them if you put yourself out to help. These don't have to be huge commitments, just pick something needed up on the way home or take on a chore. Recognizing that someone is in a stressful situation shows that you pay attention and don't mind helping out to make their life easier.

 5. Physical Touch: Our brains are hardwired to respond well to physical touch from those we care about. A hug, a hand-holding or kiss at an impromptu moment sends ques that show we care about someone and have a physical connection. 

These are all relatively easy things we can do each day. Give it a will be very pleased with the results. 

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