Why Purgo Teatox?

In today’s post-industrial world we are exposed to a lot more toxins than our bodies are able to neutralize. Not only that, but there are also many new chemical toxins that our bodies have never seen before.

While we can partially control our exposure through lifestyle choices such as eating organic foods or using organic products, sometimes we really have no choice. Toxins can reach us in the air we breathe, the homes we live in, and where we work.

Every now and then we need to have a good flush-out.

What is a toxin?

The dictionary definition of a toxin is “a chemical that causes disease when present in low concentrations in the body.” This is what can cause bloating, acne, weight gain etc.

Toxins can be naturally occurring (e.g. from mould) or man made. Some of the most prevalent man-made toxins around us today are: pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals used in many plastic products.

How do we become “Toxic”?

You may be thinking “our bodies detoxify themselves, what’s the big deal?”. You are right, to a degree. Our livers, kidneys, skin and lungs are fantastic detoxification systems, but they can become inundated with nasty chemicals to the point where they no longer function effectively.

This is when our bodies build up toxicity. Add to this things like frequent stress, lack of sleep, little exercise and poor diet and your body will have an even harder time to cleanse itself.

What does being “toxic” feel like?

Toxicity can show itself in many different ways. Some of the most commonly experienced symptoms are things like low energy, fuzzy thinking, skin issues, digestive problems (e.g., cramps or bloating), weight changes and feeling depressed, among others.

Chances are, if you frequently experience these symptoms or even just have one of those days or weeks where you feel “off”, your body is calling for a detox.

Detox with Purgo Tea

The Purgo Teatox System was designed to work with your body’s natural functions to cleanse itself. It only takes 14 or 28 days.

Our teas contain the right natural ingredients to help your body cleanse. It’s easy to do. Just follow our 4-step plan:

We believe that the best results come from working WITH the body. Therefore we do not recommend any forms of fasting or calorie control - just mindful, healthy eating.

What can I expect from a Purgo Teatox?

In short - you can expect to feel even more awesome. Results vary from person to person, but typically after a teatox people feel more energetic, less bloated and have better skin. They usually lose between 5 and 10 lbs, too!

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