7 Tips for Awesome Sleep

Most of us simply don't sleep enough. Lack of quality rest prevents us from performing at our peak. It also makes it harder to lose weight, manage stress, and stay focused. 

To help you become more resilient and get the best results from your Purgo Teatox, we put together our top 7 recommendations for awesome sleep. We challenge you to try these!

1. Invest in Your Mattress

A comfortable mattress is a thing of dreams. An uncomfortable mattress makes it difficult to get quality rest. Make sure you have invested in something you love. Yes, it can be expensive. But considering we spend a third of our lives in bed, it's well worth shelling out a few extra dollars.

2. Get Rid of Digital Distractions

TVs, computers and tablets in the bedroom can cause us to hit the pillow later and can wake us up during the night. Try treating your bedroom as a place solely for sleeping - electronics are banished!

3. Limit Exposure to Blue Light

Exposure to artificial light from street lamps and electronic devices two hours before bedtime will weaken sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. This results in poor sleep. Try to turn off all of those little blinking LEDs and sleep in a pitch-black room. If you must use devices before bed, install an app that cuts out blue light, like F.Lux

4. Immerse Yourself in Morning Light

The chemicals that wake us up are released much quicker if you are exposed to bright, natural light first thing. Try to immerse yourself in bright light for 10 minutes as soon as you get up. We like to brush our teeth at the window! For those dark winter mornings, we recommend a Light Therapy Lamp.

5. Reduce Intake of Stimulants

Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol all affect sleep negatively. It’s important to refrain from these substances if you want a good night’s sleep. We don’t drink coffee after 3 pm.

6. Regulate Your Temperature

Our body naturally cools down as we prepare for sleep. If your room is too hot it can interfere with important REM sleep and cause you to wake up frequently. Make sure your duvet is not too thick and open a window if need be.

7. Experiment with Sleep Monitoring Tech.

Experiment with technology designed to help you sleep better. This can be simple apps such as Sleep Android or Sleep Cycle that wake you up during light sleep, rather than deep sleep. Or, something more high-tech that you wear to monitor and track all sorts of bio-metric data, such as Jawbone and Beddit. These gadgets can help you keep good habits and get the most out of your bedtime.

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