6 Ways to Hack a Hangover

At Purgo Tea we encourage responsible drinking and recommend limiting alcohol consumption during your Teatox. However, we get that sometimes life just happens!

I think we've all promised ourselves "just one or two", only to wake up with a throbbing head the next day. Birthdays, camping trips, impromptu friend gatherings and holidays are just some of the many reasons for overindulgence. With this in mind, we decided to put together a set of "hangover hacks" to help you feel better. 

What Exactly is a Hangover?
Before we get to it, let's quickly go over what all those horrible feelings the next morning mean.

    • Lightheadedness - alcohol makes you frequent the toilet, leading you to become dehydrated. A direct result of dehydration is that lightheaded feeling. 
    • Headaches - drinking makes the blood vessels in the brain dilate. This increases pressure in the skull and you feel pain in your noggin.
    • Nausea - alcohol can increase stomach acid content and slow down digestion. This can make you feel uneasy and nauseous.
    • Foggy Thinking - this can be caused by an immune response to alcohol that causes brain inflammation. It could also be from a drop in blood sugar, which essentially starves the brain of food making it tricky to think efficiently.
    • Feeling Tired - alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep. Just because you "pass out" doesn't necessarily mean you are getting quality rest!

So now you can see why we recommend limiting alcohol during your Teatox! If you are going to have a few, however, try these tips. The more you do the better your chances of feeling remarkably good the next day.

 6 Ways to Hack a Hangover

1. Eat Beforehand - drinking on an empty stomach means that the alcohol reaches your system faster. Slow it down with a full stomach and give your body more of a chance to detox.

2. Choose a Clean Alcohol - not all drinks are made equal. Some have more toxic byproducts than others and you should choose a cleaner, purer form. The best thing to go for is distilled spirits such as Vodka, Gin and Whisky. The next best is dry-tasting drinks like dry cider and dry white wine. The "worst" are all other white wines, red wines and beer (yes, beer unfortunately contains a lot of toxins!). 

3. Drink Water - this will really help your body to purge those nasty by-products more efficiently. Ideally, drink a glass of water per alcoholic beverage. 

4. Take Vitamin C - There's a particular little chemical called aldehyde that is responsible for making you feel terrible. Vitamin C helps to block its production. Try taking 500-1000 mg per drink. 

5. Drink Electrolytes - All of that bathroom hopping means a loss of important electrolytes. Keep these replenished with electrolyte fluids before and after drinking. We recommend using those handy tablets you just add to water, such as Nuun.

6. Take Activated Charcoal - Activated charcoal is like a little sponge that moves through your digestive tract mopping up free toxins. Take a couple at the end of the night.  

If you manage to do all of these you should really feel a noticeable reduction in your hangover! We'd love to hear your feedback.

Do you have any others to add to the list? 

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