5 Benefits of Fruit Infused Water


Fruit-infused water, or "fruit water" is making a comeback! It's definitely not a new concept, but you've probably seen a flood of strawberries and oranges floating in Mason Jars all over your social media feeds in recent months. Aside from looking colourful and pretty, these little cocktails do actually carry some real benefits. We've listed the top 5 below:

1. Weight Loss - yes, these drinks can actually help you burn a few calories! This has more to do with the fact that you are consuming more water over anything else. Research has shown that increasing water intake helps to raise your metabolism through a nifty little thing called "water induced thermogensis". Basically, your body uses energy to heat the water up to body temperature. This can boost metabolic rate by 30% in men and women for about 40 minutes after consumption.

2. Low in Sugar - fruit water contains virtually no sugar aside from a very small amount of fructose from the fruit. This makes these drinks far healthier than anything containing added sugars, such as soda and energy drinks. As we all know, excessive sugar intake is terrible for your health. Fruit water makes a great replacement for sodas, especially if you make it with carbonated water!

3. Keeps You Hydrated - it's easy to forget to drink a boring cup of water when you are busy. Many of us likely enter mild dehydration throughout the course of a busy day. Over time, this can result in reduced energy and fatigue, slower bowel movements, poorer mental acuity and snacking. None of these are ideal, so it's a good idea to stay hydrated! The reason fruit water is so good for this is that it's visually appealing, it tastes lovely, and you're more like to remember to drink it because you made it.

4. High in Antioxidants - antioxidants are fantastic little compounds that help our bodies to slow down aging and halt the progression of disease. Why wouldn't you want more of these in your diet? Fruit happens to be a great source of various antioxidants, with berries like cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries having the highest concentrations. So, if you are like us at Purgo Tea and you eat the fruit after finishing your water, you're going to get an extra healthy dose of anti-aging!

5. Easy to Make - you can literally make fruit water in minutes. Just find an appealing recipe, rinse and slice your fruit, and pop it into a nice tumbler or Mason Jar. It will be ready in no time! Keep your eyes peeled for some tasty fruit water recipes on our blog - coming soon!


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