Loose Leaf Vs. Tea Bags

Tea bags or loose leaf? That is the question! While bags are more convenient, loose leaf is hands down the winner for several important reasons. Let's compare the pros and cons in a little more detail.

Tea Bags
Most of the tea sold in the western world comes in bags. This convenient little pouch allows you to make a cup of tea effortlessly - just pop it into hot water and take it out after 2-3 minutes. The tea generally tastes okay, especially if you add milk and sugar. However, with this convenience come some pretty big drawbacks:

  1. Low Nutrient Density - the tiny tea fragments in bags are called "tea dust" or "fannings". This  low-grade waste is the stuff left over once all the loose leaf tea has been processed, packaged and sold. Because these fragments are small, they have a larger surface area, which means more exposure to oxygen. This breaks down a lot of the beneficial nutrients and essential oils so that they are no longer as healthy.
  2. Poor Flavour - fewer essential oils in the tea fragments also leads to poor flavour. Most "bagged" teas will taste bitter, old or stale compared to loose leaf varieties.
  3. Harmful Chemicals - unfortunately, bags made from both paper and nylon can leach cancer-causing chemicals into your tea, as described here by Dr. Mercola. 
  4. "Natural Flavours" - many brands of bagged tea try to make up for poor flavour by adding natural flavours. Unfortunately, these are not as harmless as they sound. They are often the result of a natural compound undergoing significant laboratory processing and exposure to numerous chemical solvents. In short, there's nothing natural about them and they may actually be bad for you.

It really goes without saying that the above drawbacks of tea bags are something you really should avoid, especially when you are trying to detox!

    Loose Leaf
    Until recently, loose leaf has been reserved for premium teas drank by a minority of "tea lovers". It is slowly gaining popularity, however, as more people begin to appreciate its superior quality and taste. Perhaps the only drawback of loose leaf is convenience - you have to use an infuser or specially designed mug or tea pot. But, for that little extra preparation effort, you are rewarded with a whole host of benefits:

    1. Greater Health Benefits - Purgo Tea is made from the first pick and consists of large leaves, whole berries, and lightly cut herbs. This means that the powerful catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols inside the plant cells have less contact with the air and break down much slower. The result is a tea rich in health-promoting compounds that help you to increase metabolism and detoxify.
    2. Better Flavour - less contact with the air also means that our teas retain more natural oils, giving a fresh, clean taste. 
    3. No Chemicals - Our blends consist of organic tea and fresh herbs that don't contain any nasty pesticides. They are also free of the cancer-causing chemicals that can leach out of paper and nylon tea bags.
    4. No Additives - Our blends are all-natural. We rely on the natural oils in our premium quality ingredients to impart a delicious flavour. We don't need any of those "natural flavours".

    All you have to do is look at Purgo Tea to see that it is fresh and high quality. Be sure to check our post on how to make the perfect cup up Purgo Tea, coming soon!

    Purgo Tea - Before Brewing
    Purgo Tea - After Brewing
    The Perfect Cup of Purgo Tea

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