How to Brew Purgo's Loose Leaf Tea

So, you're thinking of doing a Purgo Teatox but wondering how on earth to make tea with loose leaf? Well, fear not! This post gives you a few simple solutions for brewing the perfect cup of tea. You likely already have something in your kitchen that can be you might not need to go out and buy anything new.

Before we jump into it, remember that loose leaf tea is healthier to detox with compared to bagged tea for many reasons. You can read about it more, here

An infuser is typically a metal or silicon pouch with many holes. You put 1 tsp of dry tea into it, close it up, and pop it into one cup of hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. The important thing to remember here is that the dry tea should not take up more than 50% of the total volume inside the infuser. This ensures that there is enough room for the tea to swell and infuse properly. Infusers that are too small will produce a weak tea!

Infusers are simple enough to use and easy to clean afterwards. They range in price from $1 at a dollar store up to $15 for fancy, artisan pieces. We recommend getting an infuser with a strong clasp, that is easy to open and close, and a simple shape so it's easy to clean. Below is a cute little robot who is always loyal and programmed to make the perfect cuppa!


French Press
A french press is actually another great tea brewing vessel. Simply put 1 tsp of dry tea into the vessel, place the plunger in, and then the water. Wait for a few minutes before depressing the plunger and pouring out the perfect cup!


Tea Pot
Lastly, you can always use something that pretty much every kitchen has...a teapot! Some teapots come with a built in mesh screen to hold the tea, whereas older, porcelain teapots will likely have a small screen at the beginning of the spout. There's always a little risk of getting some tea leaves into your mug if your pot doesn't have a filter, but it still works okay! Simply put in 1 tsp of tea, followed by 1 cup of hot water, and wait a few minutes before pouring.

Tip: We usually like to swish a little hot water in our brewing vessels and mugs (then throw it out) to heat them up. This makes sure the water stays hotter when brewing. 

That's it for brewing loose leaf tea...simple! Happy tea tox, everyone! 

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