7 Tips For Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a very important part of your Purgo Teatox. However, we know that the healthiest option is not always the easiest! If you think that sticking to a healthy food plan presents a bit of a challenge, this post is for you. We've pulled together 7 great tips to help you make the best food choices.

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1. Your Diet Is Not Black and White
Try not to think of your diet as either healthy or unhealthy. Instead, think of it on a continuum with "super unhealthy" on one end and "super healthy" on the other. Every meal you eat will sit somewhere between the two. Just because you eat one meal nearer either end does not mean your diet is healthy or unhealthy. Instead, focus on trying to make most of your meals sit towards the "super healthy" end. If you happen to have a cheat meal, it's fine. The important thing is to not get demotivated and think your diet is ruined. It's not!

2. Keep a Food Journal
Research shows that keeping a food journal can help you eat healthier and lose weight. The mere act of writing down what you eat over the course of a day keeps you accountable for your food choices. There is no hiding from the facts. It also creates awareness - we can't have selective memory and conveniently forget those indulgent moments. See these tips for keeping a journal.

3. Don't be Afraid of Healthy Fats
Fats have been wrongfully demonized. Fat does not make you fat; sugar does. While some (e.g., trans fats and processed vegetable oils) should be absolutely avoided, others are necessary for optimal health. Not only do healthy fats give instant energy, they help you to get essential vitamins (A, D, E & K) and help to raise your metabolism. Try to eat more avocados and high-quality coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, and grass-fed dairy.

4. Don't Skip Breakfast
Breakfast is the meal that sets you up for the day. A hearty meal full of healthy fats, protein and carbs will give you enough energy to blast through to lunch without that 10.30 am hunger pang. Either try to get up earlier to give yourself time to prepare meals or have a few quick and easy recipes to hand.

5. Look for Alternatives
Chances are, if you're eating pre-made meals and sauces from major food brands, you're ingesting some pretty unhealthy chemical preservatives and flavours. You may have luck searching for healthier alternatives in your supermarket. But, the best way to ensure there's no bad stuff is to make it yourself. For example, homemade salad dressings and mayonnaise are very simple and delicious.

6. Eat Seasonally
Buy locally grown foods that are in season. They're cheaper, taste better and higher in nutritional value. For example, spring brings strawberries and cherries, while fall brings apples and squash. There's no end to the delicious recipes that make use of nature's bounty.

7. Prepare in Advance at Home
Cook your own meals in bulk so that you have enough to last a few days. That way, there's always something in the fridge that can be heated up in minutes. This will reduce the chances of ordering take-out or finishing off a bag of chips after a long day at the office.

Also, try to find a few healthy snacks that you enjoy. These will replace the junk food in your pantry and be there for when you give into our cravings. Look here for 20 great  gluten-free snacks and power bars.

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