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We can't argue; we're creatures of habit. Moreover, a lot of these habits are naughty. We don't sleep enough, we eat the wrong foods, and we choose the latest episode over going for a run. These choices add up over time. Our body's whispers to do a cleanse will eventually turn into roars. And when we finally decide to cleanse, we are told to do this, limit that, and avoid these. Essentially, we're expected to suddenly stop long-term habits and adopt new ones right away.

As you already know, this is not easy to do, and you will be so tempted to just go back to your old tricks.

At Purgo Tea, we know this, and it's exactly why we made our 4 Step Plan as simple as possible. Just drink a couple cups of tea, eat healthy foods and do some exercise...how hard could that be? Well, it is straightforward, but it still requires change. When Life gets busy and stresses happen, thinking about grocery shopping, recipes and exercise can be so inconvenient.

Fortunately, we developed a simple system to help you achieve your teatox goals. Our Meal Chart gets you to write down your meal and exercise intentions and helps you to keep track of your tea consumption. Research shows that writing down goals and intentions can lead to a higher success rate. It helps you to internalize a thought and develop stronger commitment to following through. If you want to boost your chances of success even more, share your Meal Chart with a family member or friend and keep them informed of your progress each week.

Below is Sarah's meal chart that she used for week one of her 14 Day teatox. Her first step, before beginning the program, was to look through our free downloadable Meal Plan to select a few recipes to try. She then bought the necessary groceries and prepared accordingly. Next, Sarah decided her exercise schedule, not forgetting to add a couple of rest days in the mix. Finally, Sarah recorded her consumption of Morning and Evening tea after each cup.

To make sure she had a little extra motivation and commitment, Sarah stuck this plan on the fridge where her mother could see it. This was a great move because her mum was more than willing to "call her out" when she wasn't sticking to it!

Overall, Sarah was very happy with her teatox results and feels that our teatox planner was a great little tool to help her stick to the right foods.

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