3 Easily Overlooked Power Foods

Although they taste delicious, the staple foods you have come to rely on in your pantry may not be all that great for you. Modern options for things like cooking oils, mayonnaise, vinegar and most condiments all lack the nutrition that their ancestor recipes are known for. In fact, they include many ingredients that are known to cause disease. Preservatives, stabilizers, sweeteners, thickeners...you name it and it was likely made in a laboratory with the aim of creating a longer shelf life, a sweeter taste and more profit. Your health was certainly not a factor.

I challenge you to go to your kitchen and read the ingredients list of your favourite condiments and count how many words belong in a chemistry class. (I am sorry if you are in the USA, as your labelling regulations unfortunately permit companies to omit almost everything). If you are on your teatox and trying to eat clean, we recommend omitting these foods from your diet and sourcing more natural alternatives. It's time to take back your health and well-being by replacing those unnatural staples with more natural, healthier alternatives.

Our top 3 Power Foods, below, are easy to buy and available in most health stores and responsible supermarkets:

1. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is very versatile. Not only can you moisturize with it, but it tastes great raw and is ideal for cooking because it is very heat stable. Its unique saturated fatty acid profile contains a large proportion of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which are easily broken down by the liver into energy. MCTs are also known to help the body burn more calories. Adding to that, a meal of healthy fats means you are fuller, faster, and less likely to snack later. Check out this great article on the many benefits of coconut oil, here

Recommended Brand: Any organic, virgin oil. We like Nutiva.
Cost: Less than $10 for a 400 mL jar. About $28 for 1.5L. 

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has a strong,  malty and almost fruity flavour that makes it ideal for dressings and adding a hint of acidity to your cooking. Its healthy properties come from acetic acid. This has strong antimicrobial properties that can help fight influx of pathogens and it has also been shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels. Look for brands that are raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered to get the most benefit. 

Recommended Brand: Any organic, unpasteurised, unfiltered vinegar, e.g., Braggs
Cost: About $5 per L. 

3. Natural Salt
Salt, just like fat, has gotten a bad rap in recent years and people have cut it from their diet to prevent things like hypertension. The truth is, eating the right kinds of salt, in the right quantity, is not only a good thing, but required for optimal health.

Not all salt is created equal, however. The bleached, iodized table salt with anti-caking additives is not the same as a pure salt such as pink himalayan sea salt. Eating standard table salt is harmful for you because of the additives, chemical processing, and added trace minerals, whereas real salt can help with regulating adrenal function, thyroid & hormone production, blood pressure, and proper hydration levels. 

Recommended Brand: Any natural rock or sea salt.  
Cost: Very cheap, especially when bought in bulk! 

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