Tea: The Ancient Secret to Stress-Free Living

Most of us are no strangers to stress. However, despite our intimate familiarity with the concept, the effects that stress has on our body and our overall health are generally more poorly understood. Fortunately, nature has provided us with a simple but powerful remedy for both stress and the negative effects it causes for our bodies—tea!

Stress Harms Your Body

As such a prevalent concern in today’s busy society, stress is a condition commonly researched by medical professionals. Mayo Clinic summarizes some of the key ways that stress can affect your body, your mood, and your behavior.

  • Chest pain or muscle pain
  • Stomach cramps, indigestion, and diarrhea
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Tendency to overeat or abuse alcohol
  • Depression and lack of motivation to exercise

How Tea Can Help

There are just as many benefits of tea as there are types of tea. For stress in, particular, tea can be used to not only reduce anxiety but also to reverse the havoc that long-term stress has wreaked on your body.

  • For example, the very act of drinking tea can be a calming experience, full of warmth against your palms and soothing scents that waft through your sinuses while you breathe in the steam. However, particular ingredients in some teas can have an even more significant effect! For example, scientific investigations have shown that lavender can be an effective mood stabilizer with neuroprotective properties. Plus, it is recommended that taking lavender orally is the best method of delivering it to your body. However, breathing in its scent is also effective! By drinking lavender tea, you can achieve both at once.
  • Other teas can aid in cleansing and detoxify the harmful substances you’ve accumulated in your body as a side effect of stress. For instance, you might remember that stress commonly affects your behavior, goading many people to overeat or consume alcohol, tobacco, or other harmful drugs. This can make the problem even worse, but carefully blended, detoxifying teas can boost your metabolism when prepared in the morning.
  • Plus, other types of tea with ingredients such as sencha, chamomile, and locust plant can help to rebalance your digestive system after your most recent stress-induced periods of binge eating.

If you are interested in drinking tea to improve your health and reduce symptoms of stress, check out Purgo’s shop full of detox teas and stress-relieving tea blends. Not only do they taste great, but you will also be on your way to healthier, happier, and stress-free living.

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