Traditional Medicines and How to Use Them

There is a resurgence of traditional medicines taking place in every part of society as mistrust of large corporations grows. Plants were the first medicines, and even today much of the modern pharmacopeia relies upon chemicals and compounds that have their origins in plants. Even the most innocuous herbal tea on the grocery store shelf can alter one's health for better - or for worse. Learning how to safely take traditional medicines is key before starting a detox cleanse, diet, or another regime. Let's look at how to safely use plant-based medicines!

Tip #1: See Your Physician!

Everyone talks about drug interactions - and these are very important, but prescription medicines such as cancer treatments, drugs used to treat psychiatric conditions, and others can also be affected by foods, herbs, and spices. Additionally, there are allergies that need to be taken into account. For instance, nobody with a ragweed allergy should ever use sage or chamomile and should avoid all members of the Compositae and Asteraceae family. It is especially important for women who may become or who are pregnant and for nursing mothers to consult a physician, as a number of chemicals and compounds present in traditional medicines can be transmitted via the maternal blood supply or in breast milk.

Tip#2: Follow Directions Exactly

More is not better! Unfortunately, when people do not listen to dosing directions, there are sometimes consequences. The formulations of Purgo Teas are meant to be taken as directed - just like any other medicine. Yes, they do taste good, but limit the craving for these delicious teas to your scheduled times.

Tip #3: How Do You Feel?

Focus on yourself as you do your detox. Eat healthy foods, exercise, stay hydrated, and rest. How do you feel each day? Do you feel more energetic? Less tired? Less hungry all the time? Cravings for the delicious temptations less urgent? Are you less bloated? It's easy to pay attention to subtle results, and then write them down. It's easy to say "X is not working" when looking only for the obvious results.

Tip #4: Follow the Plan!

Purgo Tea's simple four-step plan is a snap.

  1. Drink morning detox tea.
  2. Eat nutritious food - try Purgo Tea's meal plan.
  3. Be physically active - set aside 30 minutes a day for physical activity such as yoga, walking, CrossFit, or whatever you like. If you are deskbound, get up every hour and take a 5-minute walk.
  4. Drink evening cleanse tea.

For more information, check out How It Works and see the testimonials of our users. We want you to succeed!

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