3 Reasons Why Loose Leaf Tea is the Best

It's becoming more widely known that drinking tea holds a vast wealth of benefits, as well as coming in a selection of flavors to suit every taste. Even so, there has long been a debate among tea drinkers over which is better: tea bags or loose leaf tea. While bags are more convenient, there is an undeniable difference of quality that makes loose leaf tea the preferred product.

1. Loose Leaves Provide a More Robust Flavor

Tea bags are filled with the dust and crumbled fragments of the tea leaves as opposed to the loose leaves. Intact whole leaves retain most of their essential oils, which are responsible for producing the heavy aroma and strong taste that drinkers prefer. These oils are lost, when leaves are dried and crushed to be put into bags. The crushed tea found in bags also release a greater quantity of tannins, making the brew more bitter and astringent. Using loose leaves and a tea infuser results in a more pleasant aroma and a smoother, more satisfying taste.

2. Tea Made From Loose Leaves Are Healthier

There are enough teatox recipes out there to prove that most people are aware of the health benefits offered by various teas. Whatever your preferred tea cleanse recipe, it can be greatly improved by witching from bags to loose leaves. Whole leaves produce a higher quality of tea and, as boiling water infuses the leaf, its nutritional properties are released into the tea. Antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins are all released at a higher level, providing the greatest benefits to the drinker.

3. Loose Leaves Are Fresher Leaves

Instead of the dried and crushed leaves found in teabags, packages of loose tea leaves aren't processed by machines. They're typically hand-picked and put through a micro-blending process, before packaged into air-tight bags. Once the leaves are packaged to seal in moisture and help retain freshness, they're carefully hipped to ensure they arrive at their destinations unbroken.

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing loose tea leaves over the more widely available bags. While all tea is beneficial to the mind and body, it makes sense to go for the method of brewing tea that will supply the greatest benefits. Even if you're just drinking for the flavor, loose leaves are worth the added cost.

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