We take great pride in serving you.

Purgo Service

We provide exceptional customer service. Have a question? Get in touch and we will respond within 24 hours. We also ship the next business day. You won't be waiting weeks on end for your package. We promise.

Purgo Value

Detox teas contain many exotic ingredients so they cost a little more to produce. To keep dollars in your pocket we had to be creative and find ways to minimise costs without sacrificing product integrity. Like our packages - we keep them simple and smart. This allows for very cheap shipping (free in Canada). 

Purgo Quality

Our teas contain only fresh, natural ingredients. We worked hard to find a very conscientious supplier who farms responsibly and meets the highest manufacturing standards. Purgo Teas are better for you than what you’ll find on a store shelf or from some other teatox companies. No nasty surprises lurking in tiny fonts on our package. No artificial additives or sub-par ingredients. 

Purgo Effectiveness

We collaborated with a Chinese Master Herbalist to develop teas that not only work, but taste great. They have already helped so many people to detoxify, lose weight, reduce bloating, improve their skin and feel more awesome. See for yourself here.