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Janella - Bold n Beautiful Makeup - 14 Day Teatox
"Now after the first day of using the Morning Detox for both morning and afternoon, I noticed a significant difference in my energy level and bloating. I especially found that when I woke up after a long night and I was tired, I was able to make a cup of the morning magic, I call it, and was bright eyed and bushy tailed for my day. I also loved the effect of the Evening Cleanse tea. By the end, my clothes were much looser. Once the 10th day arrived I was able to take some measurements and noticed that I had lost 3.5 inches in my mid section because the bloating had completely gone away.*
 Read the full review here.
Nadia - The View is Beautiful - 14 Day Teatox
"I really loved the taste of the Evening Cleanse. The Morning Tea was good but some people may like to add a little agave to sweeten it. It took some adjustment to remember to drink the morning tea before breakfast, but it should be easy if you're already a coffee/tea drinker. In terms of results, the biggest difference I noticed was reduced bloating- especially after drinking the evening tea. Bloating is something I deal with on a regular basis, especially during that time of the month, and the Evening Cleanse immediately soothed my stomach and made me feel more comfortable. That was pretty huge to me!" * Read the full review here. 14/8/15
Jen - Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious - 14 Day Teatox
"I have always been incredibly skeptical when it comes to the detox movement. But after reading through Purgo's site, I decided to delve in because it's a natural detox that works with the body. While I didn't lose weight, I was finally able to kick my coffee habit. I really found that the teas helped to boost and stabilize my energy. Also, these were some of the best-tasting, highest quality loose leaf teas I've ever tried." * Read the full review here. 12/8/15
Angela - Raincouver Beauty - 14 Day Teatox
"I mainly wanted to tighten my stomach area and hoped for 1/4 inch reduction around my waist. Weight loss was not a goal as I'm happy with my weight. Both teas tasted decent and were gentle on the body. I felt less hungry after the Morning Tea and way less bloated in general. My stomach felt way more toned, too! You know those mornings when you wake up and you just feel like you have abs? That's how I felt!* Read the full review here. 4/8/15
Amber - Canadian Fashionista - 14 Day Teatox
"I really cut down on my soda drinking, so the first few days were slow going, probably because I wasn’t on my daily sugar and caffeine high, but by the third or fourth day, I felt more energized, more alert and more attentive. Purgo Tea helped to boost my metabolism and burn calories, giving me a ton of energy throughout the day. It also seemed to cut down on my snacking mid-day, as I was completely full after the tea and my breakfast. I didn’t find myself reaching for that 10AM treat. By the end I lost 6lbs." * Read the full review here. 1/8/15
Morgan - Chic Canadian - 14 Day Teatox
"I really enjoy the morning tea for the rich flavours and love the subtleness of the Evening Cleanse. I definitely noticed the energy wake up the Morning Detox provides. It's a burst in the day. I never experienced any discomfort with the Evening Cleanse tea. The beauty in all this is that drinking all the Purgo feel good tea hydrated my body and my skin is glowing." * Read the full review here. 29/7/15
Morgan - Red Lips Blue Eyes - 14 Day Teatox
"I did the 14-day cleanse and experienced lots of positive benefits, namely reduction in bloating and overall feeling more refreshed. The tea itself tastes great and needs no sweetener. Overall, I really enjoyed this program compared to previous juice and tea cleanses I’ve done. I love that it’s not a three-times-a-day tea and I also love that it didn’t completely drain me or leave me feeling shaky and famished like I did on a juice cleanse in the past." * Read the full review here. 23/7/15
Christa - Perilously Pale - 14 Day Teatox
"I’ve recently made a lot of lifestyle changes and this teatox has been a nice addition to my healthier lifestyle. These teas paired perfectly with my new dietary changes and helped amplify the reduction in bloating, and increased metabolism. I had hit a bit of a plateau in my weight loss and I think the teatox gave me the little added kick I needed to break through it. I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy the flavour of the teas but they have been a welcome and very enjoyable addition to my routine. I will definitely be repeating this cleanse!" * Read the full review here. 20/7/15
Brittany - Wise Girl Aesthetic - 14 Day Teatox
"I'm a healthy and active person so the idea of a teatox never really appealed to me, before I met Purgo. However, my experience was nothing but positive. My result? Energy, vitality, mental clarity and basically feeling awesome. Overall, my complexion has improved and I can see more muscle definition - especially abs. This is probably from the teatox and my fitness training. I would definitely like to do Purgo Tea again and recommend giving it a try." * Read the full review here. 20/7/15
Steph - Dear Stephiiie - 14 Day Teatox
"If you're thinking of a easy way to detox then Purgo Tea is the way to go. It's great to finally find a tea that mixes Chinese herbal medicine with other healthy ingredients. For a two week period, this lead me to a less bloated stomach, healthy mind for food, energy boost and the positivity of a fresh new start to what goes in my body. Overall, I really love this tea." * Read the full review here. 13/7/15
Nikki - Dollar Store Diva - 14 Day Teatox
"The acai powder in the Morning Tea turns it a pinkish red! It actually made my morning. I also enjoyed the taste of the Evening Cleanse tea much more than I enjoyed the SMT one. Overall, this teatox was very effective! I noticed physical effects outside and inside of my body. I've got a very stressful schedule and used to always get tired. But now I have renewed energy. I also suffer from digestive issues and this teatox has helped me as much as any pro-biotic I've ever taken." * Read the full review here. 12/7/15
Mr. Platt - Reflection of Sanity - 14 Day Teatox
“As someone who really dislikes tea I didn't mind the taste of Purgo Tea at all. The morning tea has a slightly funny taste but the night tea was lovely and tasted exactly like Chinese tea. I have a weak stomach which easily gets upset when I try something new, however, this teatox didn't cause any discomfort. I successfully lost 2.5kg in the two weeks. The morning tea gave me a boost of energy and I was no longer lethargic after work." * Read the full review here. 10/7/15
Ruqaiya - Ruqaiya Khan Blog - 14 Day Teatox
Ever since I started this program, let me tell you, my world has changed! The first thing I noticed was how light and refreshing the Morning Detox tea was. It made me feel fuller so I ate smaller portion of breakfast. The Evening Cleanse is very relaxing and definitely cleanses the tummy. No more bloating or gas and I literally feel this is the best night time drink. I would recommend this to anyone to increase metabolism, feel great and get rid of coffee addictions." * Read Ruqaiya's full review here. 9/7/15
Holly - Holly's House Wife Life - 14 Day Teatox
“I found myself looking forward to the detox tea every morning! The sweet mild flavour is perfect all on its own. I was nervous of the Evening Cleanse tea - I didn't want any Beyoncé style crazy strict cleansing going on..but I can happily say it was wonderful! I felt light, bloating was down, energy was up - I can't say I paid any attention to the bathroom scale, it was all about gaining mental/physical balance for me and that's exactly what it accomplished. I completed my 14 days and actually went to Ben wanting more!" * Read Holly's full review here. 7/7/15
Maria - Best Day Blogger - 14 Day Teatox
“I feel so amazing from this detox tea. This is the best detox tea that I’ve tried so far. It is very gentle on the body and really detoxifying. The tea smells great and there is no aftertaste. It is all natural and wonderful! I feel fantastic and I am seeing great results from this detox." * Read Maria's full review here. 30/6/15
@ChelsiMadonna - 14 Day Teatox
“Thank you Purgo Tea - I love the tea so much!" * Watch here. 10/6/15
@jenludek - 14 Day Teatox
“I love Purgo teatox! I didn’t have to exercise more or cut down my diet. The tea has made me feel less bloated and replaced my daily coffee routine. I feel so much better now! I’d recommend this teatox to anyone. If you’re contemplating doing it, just do it! It’s an easy and effective way to lose weight and feel great!" 10/5/15
Duane - 14 Day Teatox
“I’m not a tea drinker but really enjoyed these teas. They helped me lose 10 lbs and my bloating went down to boot. They look awesome, too!" * 20/4/15
Liane - 14 Day Teatox
“Purgo Tea tastes and smells amazing and the evening tea really helped me to relax before bed. I noticed a reduction in tummy puffiness and bloating during my detox." * 16/4/15
Ruby - 14 Day Teatox
“Purgo Teatox really helped lessen my bloating, improved my skin, and gave me energy during the day. I also lost 4lbs. I will do it again soon!” * 12/4/15
Debbie - 14 Day Teatox
“I recommend Purgo Teatox. I feel strongly that it assisted in my recovery process following surgery.  It reduced my bloating, helped burn some fat and gave me energy.” * 10/4/15
Brette - 14 Day Teatox
“All I added to my diet was the teas. I very much found a reduction in bloating and increase in regularity. It felt like my digestive system improved overall!" * 8/4/15

*Product Disclaimer: because we are all made differently, results may vary from person to person.